Special Structures

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Special Structures

BAUER, with a long history of special construction for hotels and large sports facilities, offers the opportunity to design and implement special water heating and space heating systems.

Our design department, after the autopsy of the space and the study of your needs, creates the product specially designed and manufactured according to your requirements.

Special constructions in solar water heaters, boiler room boiler and solar heating systems are our specialty!

Τηλ. κέντρο: +30 210 2621742 - 743

Τεχν. τμήμα: +30 210 2322184

Fax: +30 210 2322185 

Κινητό: 698 3949590

Διεύθυνση: Χ Σμύρνης 27, Ζεφύρι,

Email: info@bauer.gr

Web: http://www.bauer.gr

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