Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters

Top quality electric water heaters! DX-51 / Z140 inner container of 2.5 mm thickness with internal lamination 4KW electrical resistance with safety thermostat Polyurethane insulation External housing made of laminated steel RAL 9006 Styrofoam packaging for easy transport and storage Electric heaters are available in the following formulas: 40L - 60L - 80L - 100L - 120L on floor, horizontal and vertical.

Bauer electric water heaters provide high quality and reliability to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer. The most economical solution to meet hot water needs with high design and 5 year warranty.

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Κινητό: 698 3949590

Διεύθυνση: Χ Σμύρνης 27, Ζεφύρι,

Email: info@bauer.gr

Web: http://www.bauer.gr

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